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and will also give us cloud cover later on this afternoon. i'm forecasting highs today moving into the middle range 90s. for most of us we could see the upper 90s toward the south and he is with. over the next three days it is a code yellow weather alert day. we will have the opportunity for late day showers and thunderstorms. we'll keep temperatures around the middle 90s but the 7-day forecast gives us an opportunity for steady and heavy rain coming through on the fourth of july. we'll monitor that for you. monika? >> reporter: scattered power outages and signal lights out all around the metropolitan area. i'm going to tell you how many signal lights are out until they are all fixed. let's go back over to the graphic. if you are planning to head over to the beltway, and around town, you are going to be okay. but first, let's just go here. inbound on i 66, hov restrictions were lifted inside the beltway today to help everybody out and also construction from overnight was canceled because of the scattered power outages. the dulles toll road 66 and the beltway, let me tell you about the signal
around. showers and storms rumbled through early on this morning for some of us. our current forecast calls for a little bit more sunshine later on this afternoon. outside right now, we are sitting at 80 degrees at reagan national. by noon time most of us will be at or near 90 degrees. making it to the lower range flints there is a thunderstorm warning now as this heavy cell and heavy downpour moves off to the east. temperatures this morning are fairly mild. we are going to put things up into the 90s. not quite as hot as we have been seeing over the past through days. we will hold the middle 90s. by the time we get toward the end of the week, there is a slight warm up particularly as we go from friday into saturday. monika? >> reporter: if you are traveling around town, obviously you are going to find there is debris on your secondary roads. a lot of road closures this morning. if you are planning to head on the major thoroughfares at least a couple of things will help you out. hov restrictions are lifted on i-27 0 and 66 inside the beltway. public transportation as far as we
of thunderstorms rolled through the region leaving a path of damage in its wake. >> delia goncalves joins us live from rhode island avenue in northeast with a look at things there. that was a really bad place to be last night, delia. >> reporter: i know. it's like these folks just can't get enough. just give these folks a break. we've all been through a whole lot these past couple of weeks but some good news to report this morning. it seems like pepco is making some progress. we checked about a half an hour ago, and the outages were at about 7500. now they're down to 5200 and here's one example why. you can see the lights are flashing here at this intersection of 20th and rhode island avenue in northeast. fortunately the lights were just back on so power was restored a short time ago after the lights were knocked out following last night's fast moving storm. let's take a look at some video that was shot last night. you can see that the heavy rains caused widespread flooding throughout the area washing out roads and basements. for thousands in the area this is the third smack by mother nature in r
has scorched crops this summer. the u.s. department of agriculture says its latest forecast for retail food prices beef and poultry are expected to rise as much as 4.5%. the usda report says the severe drought in the midwest is expected to affect prices for corn and soybeans as well as other field crops. that would in turn impact retail food prices. >>> aspen county airport is the scariest airport to fly in and out of in the country says airfare pilots have to cope with snowy conditions and a very fast desent. strict noise restrictions require pilots of john wayne airport to be extra quick. that puts it in at number two. there's midway airport in chicago with extra short runways. sitka rocky gutierrez airport in alaska is surrounded by dangerous rocks. and number five, yeager airport in west virginia is located on top of a mountain. d.c.'s own reagan national airport comes in at number ten since pilots have to maneuver the strict no-fly zones. >> really? >> mm-hmm. >> last time it didn't seem so bad. >> they do a good job. we're -- you have the wind shears that come off s
,000 that was funneled to gray's campaign. gene harris pled guilty in federal court yesterday to using that money to help get mayor gray elected. allegedly buying yard signs, t- shirts, banners, laptops, even a p.a. system, that's what she pled guilty to in court. jeffrey thompson who allegedly written the checks but did not come up with the scheme. there's no indication that mayor gray had any knowledge of the plot. here what is -- here's what his public relations spokesperson said yesterday. >> as he relayed yesterday to "the washington post," he had no comment. >> reporter: again no comment even with the new developments? >> he had no comment as of yesterday to "the washington post." >> people don't know what to expect next. i think it's just a waiting game to see if is jeff thompson next. >> people should -- it's disturbing when it happens. >> reporter: a u.s. attorney released a statement saying this is not the only instance of corruption. it goes far beyond 2010. just how far back this corruption goes here in d.c., that coming up at 5:30. andrea, mike, back to you. >> thanks, delia. >>> well, a mas
who they say ran the shop for five years. family members tell us tommy wong worked late friday night but was usually home by 10:30. however when he didn't get home in time they instantly called police. investigators will not release many details, but say wong was a victim of an armed robbery that occurred around 4:00 that afternoon. >> when you got in the door, it went on the other side and that was for insurance reasons. >> what do you make of anything else and. >> you know, it is another loss of a good person. >> and take a very close look at this picture. these are a series of surveillance pictures of the suspect caught just before the murder. he is described police say as a black man in his mid-50s, about 5'7" with a medium build. he was wearing a neon yellow traffic vest. family members believe that is perhaps why wong put -- left dlet his guard down and allowed this man inside. you heard from that neighbor and friend wong had a lot of security measures here in place because of a previous robbery that occurred prior to his ownership and so we had several measures in place to pro
tree from yesterday afternoon and you might just want to use route 7 as your alternate route. there's a second tree that fell and fairfax crews are trying to deal with that as well. route 7 will take a major hit because of this so maybe head out the door a tiny bit early. if you're coming in from the west other than that no problems to report on 66 coming in from manassas to fairfax. we'll take a live look outside in georgetown. on the westbound side of m street right here at wisconsin avenue, only that single left lane is getting by. a water main break right here in georgetown. so be aware of that. later in the morning it could affect traffic. back to the maps this time to southern maryland. no issues on any of those major corridors. a live look outside coming in on 95 at route 198. volumes are light. i'll be back in a few minutes with more traffic. >>> police are investigating a horrible accident that happened at the end of last night's rush hour. >> as drivers were moving slowly up georgetown pike, a huge tree toppled over and then crushed a car with a man inside. delia goncalves
degrees. in la plata, good morning to you. you're at 73 degrees. satellite and radar picture showing us we have a frontal boundary and that triggered quite a few scattered showers and storms, some severe yesterday. today the same deal. the frontal boundary will slowly sink south. till it's well south of us, we'll still deal with unsettled weather not only just today but through tomorrow as well. highs in downtown lower 90s. 90 in gaithersburg. 93 in leesburg. manassas, you should get to the mid-90s. annapolis in the lower 90s. tappahannock, you'll get to the lower 90s as well. tappahannock, you're reporting areas of fog this morning. here's your morning traffic with monika. good morning. >>> good morning, anny. 5:00. things are beginning to build up just a bit early this thursday morning but nothing big to worry about. if you're heading in from the west manassas and centreville, everything is final. the lanes are open. no problems through the burke area or annandale on the beltway. we'll take a live look outside at the roosevelt bridge inbound on i-66 and heading into the downtown area. ni
economic conditions there. checking the numbers from wall street -- >>> the u.s. postal service is quickly running out of cash. the agency is bracing for a historic default on a $5 billion payment to the treasury this week. that default would not disrupt mail service but it could bring the agency closer to filing for bankruptcy. they have been losing money in first class letters plummet and congress delays to bill to overhaul the agency. clearly this is one we're all going to be watching this morning. >> going to hear more about the saturday closings i bet too right? >> right, right. it's a shame they couldn't figure out a way to electronically be a part of the process still you know what i mean? >> so much of this has to do with the retiree expenses and the bay they're fiscally -- way they're fiscally set up. they're different than other agencies, they have to pay all the stuff ahead. that's 60% of the problem. maybe more. >> not just the fact we're all going to e-mail and whatever. >> there's a lot to it. >> they're already cut the jobs to -- sort of catch up with that. >> got it. >> wha
since mid-may. checking the numbers -- >>> u.s. airways says it is now a creditor of the parent company american airlines. amr. u.s. airways is trying to force american into a merger. in a filing u.s. airways says it supports amr's request in bankruptcy court for more time to draft a reorganization plan. but it's also saying it could change its mind. the arm doesn't follow through on the promise to seek alternatives like a merger. stay tuned on that one. >>> new scam warning for you this morning already thousands of americans have fallen victim to this one. you get an automated phone call from a nonexisting utility program that will supposedly pay up to $1,000 to help offset the power bills during the heat waves then victims provide their personal information. this is reportedly spreading so quickly in part because the victims are sharing the program on places like facebook and twitter. thinking they have the greatest deal ever. they want to share it with their friends and -- >> oh boy. >> instead they get the personal information stolen. >> keep your information to yourself. >> absolut
in downtown, leesburg 69 degrees now doppler showing us showers and storms went through last night, but right now, things are quiet. we have cloudy conditions out there and it should be a dry morning commute for you. 95 in downtown. annapolis you should top out in the lower 90s. a slight chance for an isolated storm this afternoon. we'll talk more about the heat but first monica with your -- monika with your traffic. >>> first one is an overnight accident westbound on i-70 after route 2. that one did involve a tractor trailer. once you are beyond that you are okay out to mount airy and frederick. on the beltway american legion bridge no problems between 270 and tyson's corner. you are running smoothly. >>> this time over to the other side of town. there had been an accident north of dale city sitting on the shoulder for awhile. you are okay now up into woodbridge springfield northbound side of i-95. frank conia springfield parkway. coming up in my next report we'll look at 66. >>> twice this weekend the computer glitch brought metro rail systems to a standstill. >>> there is still no word on
silver hill road in district heights, maryland. delia goncalves joins us live with more on the situation. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. here we are nine hours after this fire broke out. you can see crews are still here on the scene working to board up the windows of this apartment building that was nearly gutted out by last night's fire. when firefighters arrived just before 8:00 p.m., the building was fully engulfed in flames. about 75 firefighters from throughout the county worked to get the blaze under control. we're told that a couple of firefighters suffered heat exhaustion but after some treatment they were fine and were able to continue their work to get the blaze under control. all residents in the 22 apartments here were able to escape with their lives but unfortunately a homeowner's dog died in the fire. >> my girlfriend and i, we were sitting, talking in my living room. then we kept on hearing somebody just yelling the same thing. so leona got up to go to the balcony. once we got on the balcony, we looked right and the whole building looked like it w
. >>> at 5:22, the u.s. limb bick basketball teams -- olympic basketball teams played their final stateside tuneups. >> a maryland city turns to private partners to help more young people find jobs. you're watching 9news now. >>> welcome back to 9news now. it's 5:13. problems on the inbound side of i-66. it's a truck that lost its wheel after nutley street right in the center of the roadway. all those people that usually get an early start are delayed. take a look at this delay. we'll go outside live on our camera. that is inbound 66 right now and it's 5:14 in the morning. but it should be out of the roadway shortly. clues are on the scene -- crews are on the scene trying to get it over to the shoulder. back to the maps and this time to the north side of town no problems on 95, route 29, the bw parkway. we're good coming out of baltimore, columbia and laurel. no problems on the beltway. we'll take a live look at university boulevard. the outer loop still running smoothly between 95 and silver spring. 270 pretty much the same story. we'll go there live next time around in my next traffic rep
will be with us probably for a few more hours before waning by mid- morning. let's get you going with a look outside. we've got some wetness there on the lens. temperatures 76 at reagan national. 84 by noon. again a lingering shower in a couple of spots. best chance will be south with partly sunny and 87. that will be the high for the day at 5:00 p.m. got the showers and lightning. you you see all the lightning strikes we've been watching. a lot on the delmarva now but locally we're watching quite a bit still moving across the region. north of town here through montgomery county and howard counties, prince frederick and huntingtown seeing some of that. even toward culpeper watch out. let's go to monika samtani. she's got your look at time saver traffic here at 5:00 a.m. >>> if you're planning to head on the northbound side of the gw parkway, after i tell you what's going on there, you may just reconsider. there was a large tree down northbound before the spout run parkway. right now there is no access from the roosevelt bridge or the memorial circle to get on to the northbound side of the gw
.c. and culminates with today's big march. delia goncalves joins us live from the convention center. she has a preview of what's going on today. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning. going to be a very busy day here in d.c. 30,000 people are all expected to kind of crowd the streets as you said in this march and that march includes five different protests throughout the city, everyone calling on an end to aids. the world aids conference, everyone agrees that we are close to an end to this epidemic but the main challenge remains funding. the u.s. has donated an extra $150 million to help poor countries fight the disease with medication and prevention awareness but many are now calling for what they're calling the robin hood tax on wall street that would give 50 cents per $100 of trading to hiv-aids treatment. >> the united states is committed and will remain committed to achieving an aids friegen ration -- aids free generation. >> we need to get better at this. the funding environment is very tough. some days if feels like we're going to have to fight just to keep the funding at the
for be the match. she's here to tell us more about the bone marrow registry. you are here to say you could be the one to save a life. >> absolutely. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you store having me. >> i have my donor i.d. card. this has gotten national attention because of what robin roberts has gone through but this is african-american awareness bone marrow. why? >> 7% of our registry are african-american and we are not sevenning the african-american population in need of transplant. so we really need more people to join the registry. >> you are looking for minorities in general. >> multiracial people, also. >> the first step in becoming a bone marrow donor is you have to register. how hard is that? >> it's very easy. fill out a form so we can locate you later on. there's no guarantee you'll be called immediately. >> i've never been calledp. >> we want to make sure we have adequate contact information and small health history. then we swab the inside of your cheek with four little swabs. >> that's it. no pain? >> we used to draw blood but don't do that anymore. >> you have two
in the district. 9news reported now, delia joins us from an unlucky neighborhood in bethesda. good morning delia. >> reporter: good morning andrea and mike. it is muggy outside already. you can certainly imagine, and feel for the folks inside their homes, sleeping without air conditioning this morning. this is the reason why. take a look behind me, here on thorn apple and beachwood right off connecticut avenue. you can see the utility pole snapped in half and leaving a tangled mess of debris and wires and trees. when you were driving around this neighborhood looking to scout out this location, there are just tree limbs everywhere in this neighborhood and it is pitch black. folks are driving slowly through the neighborhood as they encounter these detours scattered throughout. as we take a look at the video that we shot just yesterday in the daylight hours, you can see crowes were making progress and heading to neighborhoods to restore power. however they were encountering some residents who aren't exactly pleased. they are frustrated at the fact it was taken so long for the power to be restored.
lawyer to fight the decision. >>> monika just told us about problems on the green line along with that, they are still holding an investigation into what caused a green line train to lose power during last night's commute. the train stopped on the tracks, and passengers were forced to wait on the train for 30 minutes while metro employees tried to figure out whether the track still had power going through them. >> the police except telling us the tracks were hot. >> passengers had to jump off the train and walk half a mile back to the college park station platform. about 100 people were on board. metro provided shuttle buses to get their passengers to their destinations. >>> the push to extend metro rail beyond dulles airport got a huge shot in the arm. the lowdon county board of supervisors voted yesterday to support phase ii of the project. phase ii extends the line past reston to dulles. the vote means lowdon is committing $270 million toward construction. it was a close 5-4 vote. >>> it's been months since a deadly mistake strained the relations between the u.s. and pakistan. >> bu
picture showing us high pressure is in control so we'll see lots of sunshine today. and the unsettled weather is well to the south of us. most of that should stay there. then we'll probably see some more heat come this way over the next couple of days. here's a look at our current conditions. mid-60s again in charleston. 67s on in downtown. and today's high upper 80s for arlington. close to 90 in d.c. and laurel will get up to 88 degrees. here's monika with your time saver traffic. good morning. >>> good morning. on the inner loop of the beltway at richie marlboro road after central avenue, that accident i've been telling you about from overnight has been cleared. all lanes are open. no worries right now if you're heading southbound on the beltway past central avenue into oxon hill and over to the wilson bridge. we'll take a live look at the beltway. if you're planning to head over here on the beltway at colesville road, there was an accident, fatal unfortunately on the outer loop or inner loop at colesville road. that was cleared as well. so you're good to go essentially all around t
and appalled that he used their equipment in the massacre. our andean mccarren -- andean mccarren who was in colorado said he made the decision to deny holmes after listening to his voice mail. >> the voice mail was a very low base guttural sounding, rambling, incoherent deal that was strange, bizarre, a little freakish. one of my staff members called and said hey, what was the name of that person that you flagged for us? wasn't that james holmes? i said yes. they said well, that's the name of the shooter. >> reporter: close call for that company and that gentleman there. coming up at 5:30, we'll have a look at the very emotional vigil that was held on sunday to remember the 12 lives lost and the 58 victims who survived that shooting. back to you, mike, jess. >> thank you, delia. delia goncalves live in the satellite center this morning. >>> later this morning, the ncaa is going to announce its sanctions against penn state university. the report shows the former coach joe paterno and top university officials took many steps to conceal reports that former assistant coach jerry sandusky
't have to go far to get one of the best vacation spots in america. according to "u.s. news & world report" the district is third on this year's list based on the monuments and museums. what the magazine calls a sweet restaurant and bar scene. yellow stone and new york city top that list. a vacation though if we just go to the places we go to all the time? >> i go there on the weekends anyway. >>> we had the 100-degree mark yesterday. as we move to the weekend we'll be reeling it in a little bit. howard will have the digits in a few minutes. >> and also a fight outside of a courtroom. what happened inside that led to blows on the sidewalk. >> but first what congress is doing to honor the victims and the heroes in the colorado shooting. we'll be right back. >>> it is 5:09 on this friday morning. pretty quiet out there now. couple of sprinkles out at some of the far western suburbs to west virginia trying to get the winchester. other than that we start quiet this morning but warm and it's going to be hot again. just not as hot as yesterday. we did 100. today we hit about 95 early this aftern
cheh is hoping to push the pepco legislation through using the frustration of many power customers in the district of columbia. she says it's time to consider underground lines for portions of pepco service areas in dg. pepco as we know routinely blames outages on the weather knocking down trees and the overhead wires. mary cheh says burying the wires at least in some neighborhoods here in the district is at least one solution. >> we know that process will cost an awful lot of money and will be disruptive but unless we begin to do it, we'll never do it. >> the only thing that corporations of pepco's size respond to is the threat of penalty. >> reporter: the utility board here in the district says d.c.'s public service commission is partly to blame for these problems consistently with pepco. i'll explain coming up at 5:30. mike, andrea, back to you. >> delia goncalves reporting live from northwest d.c. >>> montgomery county was especially hard hit by power outages of the june 29 storm. county council president had a scathing review of pepco calling the utility's response unacceptabl
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22